11 June 2016

New Zealand Video

It has been a couple of months (okay, over half a year) since I came back from New Zealand.
I've finally put together a short video of my trip!
I hope you enjoy it! (ps there are Kea in it!!)

Please subscribe to my youtube channel, because I hope to start vlogging in the future!

Music Talk - Big Bang

Lets talk about music.
My music preference is pretty varied, but is made up mostly of what JB Hifi used to classify as "Emo" (alas, they don't use that classification at their stores anymore, so I will call it Alternative Rock) - it's not exclusively "Alternative Rock", it does include Disney soundtrack, super bouncy pop songs, and even some Hip-Hop and Rap has made its way in.

Recently I've been pretty much exclusively listening to just one band - a band that I understand maybe 10% of the lyrics


They're from South Korea, and they're super talented!
Here's a little break-down of my favourite songs!
The first experience --- (don't ask me when and where, I don't remember! After that first "Fantastic Baby" I was hooked!)

The hard fall --- (this song cemented the love)

The most played

The current favourite --- (only listened to this song for the first time a couple of days ago!)

Other suggestions
Loser - We Like 2 Party - Lets Not Fall In Love

If you get the chance, check out their music videos. Their fashion is amazing!

18 April 2016

Taking Stock - April

Making: Anzac Biscuits with the children at work
Cooking: Pineapple Upside Down Cake for International Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day on April 20th
Drinking: Water -- today I had a white chocolate hot chocolate and it was too sweet, and I almost ended up sick!
Reading:  Seveneves by Neal Stephenson -- it's huge, and I really really want to read it, but the sheer size of the book scares me!
Wanting: My tattoo to be finished!
Looking: at my new tattoo -- I can't stop looking at it! It's so pretty!
Playing: Minecraft, Stardew Valley, seriously considering loading up Skyrim again
Deciding: on what to have for dinner
Wishing: for warmer weather -- which is weird, because I usually enjoy the cold weather more
Waiting: for the next exciting thing to happen in my life -- not sure when that will happen!
Liking: blogging again, and having friends blogging again
Wondering: if the mushrooms I found in the yard at work are poisonous, or edible?
Loving: starting to feel a little bit more inspired with life -- my new tattoo
Pondering: wandering -- I recently purchased The Wander Society by Keri Smith, I haven't started it yet, but I'm looking forward to it!
Considering: what colour to get my nails done this week!
Buying: too much -- my poor credit card
Watching: Kiera Rose, The Yogscast, Star Wars The Force Awakens
Hoping: for a quick tattoo recovery -- ouch it hurts!
Marvelling: peoples confidence, people being awesome in general -- how do I become friends with awesome people!?
Cringing: awkwardness with new people at work
Needing: more tattoos -- if I'm going to be described as "the tattooed one" at work, I guess I better look the part
Questioning: 42
Smelling: chocolate caramels, and little kitten wee (I hope he hasn't wee-ed in my room!)
Wearing: black tights for the next couple of weeks while my tattoo heals
Following: Kiera Rose - was just recommended her. She's awesome
Noticing: the pink in my hair is slowly fading!
Knowing: that space is amazing!
Thinking: that space is amazing!
Admiring: Emma -- for blogging about her experiences -- so brave!
Sorting: out my liff!
Getting: better... I've been sick for ages!
Bookmarking: Harry Potter wiki, Star Wars wiki, Pineapple Upside Down Cake recipe
Coveting: all the enamel badges in the world!
Disliking: dumping syndrome!
Opening: mail -- Kylo Ren tee, Pin Club pin, Car registration :(
Giggling: Iggy the kitten being crazy!
Feeling: a little sore -- sore ears, and sore leg from tattoo!
Snacking: chocolate caramels -- even though I shouldn't
Helping: anyone that needs it!
Hearing: Sound Of Silence by Disturbed

17 April 2016

Pin Club Reveal -- April

I received my first Pin Club pin this week! Isn't it amazing? For £7 (international) every month you get a pin! I love enamel pins, and there are some amazing creative pins in the world, but usually shipping is more than the cost of the pin. That makes me sad! So to be able to spend approx $A13 a month and get a high quality awesome enamel pin! What's not to love?

14 April 2016

Things I Love Thursday

I'm having a little shake up of this blog at the moment.
I'm really indecisive about where I want this blog to lead.
It's always been a sort of personal diary, with a few reviews, geeky pics etc.
I want to be inspired.
There are so many bloggers that inspire me.
I want my blog to inspire people the way that you guys inspire me :)


So here's this weeks Things I Love Thursday
I know it's very similar to Friday Fancies but I'm hoping to try and do the 5 Friday Fandoms prompts on Fridays

-- Markiplier -- 
if you like watching Let's Plays on YouTube and haven't discovered Markiplier
I highly recommend checking him out.
He's hilarious!
I recommend
Five Nights At Freddys
Reaction Compilation playlist!

-- new sheets --
I bought new sheets for my bed!
I love when it starts to get cold and snuggling in bed with super cozy sheets!

-- AmyBlueIllustration Die Hard pins --
Bruce Willis & Alan Rickman!
Check out her store
There are many other awesome people pin!

If you've been living under a rock you may have missed
I have ordered this tee! I can't wait to rock it!
ps. if you sign up for Jordandene's newsletter you get free shipping -- always!

an amazing new blog
which talks about geekery and mental health