01 January 2008

just a short introduction

i'm lyssa. i'm 21. i'm half emo, half geek... this means, that i fall into both emo and geek 'stereotypes'. some things about me are more emo, some are more geek. i'm happy. i work for a small IT company. i'm the only female employee. i love it. i still live at home. so i don't have to pay rent. i got my drivers license 6 months ago and don't own a car. i use my parents. so no car payments. when i need fuel i ask my parents for money. mum usually uses all the fuel anyway. i'm addicted to myspace. i have a blog on myspace. but this blog is going to have my thoughts in it that i maybe embarrassed to admit on myspace for all my friends to see. if they find it... it's okay. i think emo boys are sexy. there is something empowering about a guy that is comfortable enough to wear makeup. i believe only wannabe emo's slit their wrists. being emo is not about attention. it's about being comfortable and yourself. i read yaoi. yaoi is romance manga (japanese comics) that has 2 male leads. if you know what i mean. i read paranormal romances. they involve vampires, werewolves, aliens, gods, etc. i've started getting into comic books. like xmen and stuff like that. i'm rather technologically advanced. i have an iPod, a nintendo ds, a nokia n95 8gb mobile, a semi flash computer... it works. and a job in IT. i don't play World of Warcraft. 2 reasons. one- don't have internet speed. two- i would probably become addicted and turn into a WoW zombie. and i like the sun. and being social. i like anime. not pokemon or naruto. i like girly anime and vampire anime. and getbackers. i'm totally addicted to sims 2. i have all expansion packs, all stuff packs, and can't wait til febuary when the new expansion pack is out.
toodle pip

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  1. Bahahah first post is interesting :) its been soo long. you should make a post now in corispondance to this one and write how everything has changed :)
    love you