09 January 2008


Cupcakes, originally uploaded by Princess Geek.

I have decided that I'm going to learn how to cook. Like really cook... real food. It started on Christmas, my auntie bought me a Pavlova tray that has the recipe on it. (My Auntie is big into cooking) since then all I wanted to do is cook. And yesterday while I was reading Gala Darlings' blog, she was talking about buying some cookbooks, and I decided I want cookbooks too. I've also watched Nigella on ABC. She's strange, but I love what she cooks... fast simple yummy food. What more can you ask for?

I want to make pretty cupcakes, with colourful royal icing (I love icing) with pretty candy flowers =D I kinda want to move out of home now so I can have my own kitchen, so I can buy all kitcheny stuff.

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