09 January 2008

Last CD I Bought (The Labyrinth Soundtrack)

Labyrinth CD, originally uploaded by Princess Geek.

I've been looking for this CD for years... ever since I saw the movie. It was this Movie, and the music in it, that I think truly started my love affair with music and old movies. I love love love David Bowie in this movie... I love everything about this movie.
A couple of years ago I found these books in Angus & Robertson, with the most beautiful art book with drawings of faeries and goblins. I remember thinking, as I flipped through it the first time "these drawings look like something out of the Labyrinth". I later found out they were. The faeries where drawn by Brian Froud, who came up with the original visual concept for both The Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.
Just let me tell you... I was very excited!!

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