09 January 2008

Last DVD I Bought (The Time Machine (1960))

The Time Machine (1960), originally uploaded by Princess Geek.

The Time Machine (1960)
Based on the book by HG Wells.
This is also the most recent DVD I've watched as well.
Let me tell you this... it's a lot scarier when your 6. It was more funny this time. The fact that the world was blown up with an atomic bomb in 1966 during "The Third World War" was funny. I was a bit confused while watching it, but realised "This movie was made in 1960, so they don't know whats going to happen!" boy were they wrong =D
It was very colourful... thats what I miss about Science Fiction movies now, they're too dark. They need to realize that people may want bright Science Fiction Movies... like the original Star Wars. Now there are some cool movies... which strangely I don't own... yet... yet being the key word.

3 cupcakes out of 5

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