09 January 2008

Sky Show / Isolated Wind Squalls

Comet McNaught, originally uploaded by Leonard Low.

I thought I could go without leaving a blog about this photo... but I can't it's just so amazing.
It was taken on 26th January 2007 in Perth. On the left you can see the Australia Day fireworks. On the right you can see an amazing storm rolling in, and in the middle (click here to see larger image) you can see Comet McNaught as it passes Earth.

The reason I found this was I was looking on Flickr (now my new favouritest place) for photos of lightning cos I was gonna write a blog about the weather... why? cos there is a huge storm coming. And I mean huge. They're forecasting severe isolated wind squalls (do you know what they are??? thats the way they say TORNADO without freaking anyone out!!) TORNADOS for gods sake... in freaking Albany. OMG!

Fine I love thunderstorms... during the day... when I don't need to sleep. Luckily I'm not working tomorrow. But I hate it when it's windy. I live in an old house that creaks and shakes when it's windy. My windows rattle... and my bed is pushed up under the window, so I lay awake at night scared cos I think the window is gonna break.


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