16 January 2008

What Am I Going To Do Now???

So... guess what peeps? I no longer work for that small IT company I was telling you about... unfortunatly the decison wasn't up to me either... but so what... Thats Life I Suppose.

I’m having doubts about whether I actually want to work in the IT industry anymore. It is very much a male dominated industry. But that has me thinking… What am I going to do now???
The big thing I’m thinking about now is teaching. I don’t know what?? I could go to Uni and become a school teacher, or I could do my Cert IV in training and assessment and become a lecturer. I think if I was to become a school teacher, I would teacher Primary School.

But before I attempt to decide what I want to do, I have to find myself a new job, to get some money. I went in and talked with the manager of our local Blockbuster... hopefully he'll decide he still wants me (every time I went in there he would ask if I wanted to work there) so we will see tomorrow. =D

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