11 January 2008

Wii Can Do It

What Mario Got For Xmas..., originally uploaded by bryanchang.

My next "big" purchase... I've decided to buy a Nintendo Wii. I will have to wait a little while, because all of Australia is out of stock because of Christmas, but as soon as I've finished work today, I'm going into EB Games and ordering one. Woohoo!
The games I'm going to buy are, Super Paper Mario, Mario Party 8, MySims & Zelda I think first. Then buy some more later. I will also need to purchase a second controller. I'm so excited, because you can connect Nintendo DS's to them wirelessly. And you can go on the net. If you have wireless broadband.
The reason I decided I'm finally going to buy one is, I went to my aunts place yesterday and the guy that is staying there has a Wii, and it was so cool to look at... and OMG I so want one.

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