22 January 2008

The Worst Thing

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The Worst Thing about this tattoo... is that I will probably end up with one like this one day... and it's kinda sad. HAHAHA

I want to get some tattoos... I don't really know what of yet. Somedays I really want one, and other days I don't... I don't want to get one and then end up hating it. So I may end up never getting one, cos I worry so much about the future, that I'll most likly talk myself out of it.
I want to dye my hair bright colours, but probably won't because I worry about what people think. And considering I'm currently looking for a job, it would probably be best if I keep my hair relatively natural. I was thinking of having it made lighter, with lots of different highlights and lowlights. That might look good, and it's a step closer to being blonde, but not to quickly.
I wish I was geekier =D
Anyway I have decided that before I die I have to go blonde, even if it's for a few days. I have also decided that I may want to be a lecturer at TAFE. If i'm lucky I may even have the chance to do it soon... but I'm not sure, and I can't get my hopes up. I would LOVE it!
Anyway... that all from me tonight
supa-hugs & crazie kisses
princess geek

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