04 February 2008


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Back @ Tafe today
Slightly Boring.
Do you like the image of the duck!

I'm stressing about money. I have to go to Perth in a couple of weeks, but I don't think I'll have enough money to go. I wanted to go shopping, but it looks like I'll have to leave the shopping. I just need to be happy that I'm going to Soundwave. WOOHOO!! I'm still angry that Red Jumpsuit Apparatus pulled out. But I'm still excited about seeing The Offspring, and All Time Low. Woohoo!

Last night we went and saw "Cloverfield" it was really good. And scary, but not. It was filmed using handheld camera, which made it seem more real. The trailer for the new Star Trek movie, and I was excited, but then some stupid whore started dissing me. I was pissed. I don't diss her cos she likes sleeping with strangers... so why the f888 does she have to diss me cos I'm excited about the new Star Trek movie. It's got Karl Urban and Simon Pegg in it. I'm actually quite excited. I love Star Trek... I always have, it's my mums fault. =D Love You MUM!!!

My next blog maybe about the new Star Trek movie!!!!

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