13 March 2008


Gorbys Nightclub, originally uploaded by donncha

I had a dream last night that I owned this awesome nightclub, that had a similar entrance to the photo. It just looks like a dank little alley, but it was the entrance to the awesomess nightclub. It was in the basement and was called "Hell" and it was lucious and dark and plush but also seedy (hahaha) I remember walking in and there was a bar, and the dance floor was sunken, and there was a stage, and backstage there was another private bar, and a room with plush sofas, it was awesome... so now I want to open my own nightclub. I don't know where it would be... not in albany... and the dj would play good music (not shitty dance pop shit) and we would have cool live bands, like MSI, him and other awesome bands (from finland mostly). My cousin and I decided that Finnish people should be aloud free admission. And the bar would serve awesome cocktails like bloody mary's, zombies and other red gory named drinks. OMFG it could be really cool.

Contact me in 10 years or so and ask me how i'm going =D hahaha

I can't really say that I've ever actually been in a nightclub... actually I don't think I ever had (hahaha geek) and yeah. I think the first nightclub I'm going to go in is Metro City... in 10 days (10 fucking days OMFG) for the HIM concert.... OMG 10 days! woohoo...



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