26 March 2008

I Can Now Die Happy...

Him_Concert, originally uploaded by Princess Geek.

OMFG... The HIM concert was AWESOME... Better than AWESOME... there are NO words to describe how much better than AWESOME it was... OMG!

It was held @ Metro City (thats a nightclub) in Perth, and it was on the 23rd March. It was aweseome... the venue was small so even if you were at the back you were still 10 metres away... OMFG I was 10 metres away from Ville Valo... VILLE VALO!

The photo above (unfortunatly) was the best photo out of the 100s I took. The rest were blurry... I have some video footage, but my internet isn't fast enough to upload it... one day I'll get around to it.

The best bit of the concert was that my under 18 friend got it (the concert was 18+) I've probably mentioned it in an earlier blog. We were so worried that she wouldn't get in, and it wouldn't of been the same without her.

OMG I can't stop smiling. It was truly amazing. Readers... you must understand that HIM is my favouritest band in the whole fucking universe... and I've actually seen them live... They sang 15 songs (I think... I'm pretty sure... but I had a couple of little "OMG it's Ville Valo" blackout moments) I can't remember what order they went it... they performed "Passion's Killing Floor" first, and "Funeral Of Hearts" last... that all I remember! (I was so excited)

They sang (not in this order) - Join Me, Buried Alive By Love, Right Here In My Arms, The Funeral Of Hearts, Your Sweet 666, Poison Girl, Rip out the Wings of a Butterfly, Killing Loneliness, Wicked Game, It's All Tears (Drown In This Love), Soul On Fire, Passion's Killing Floor, The Kiss of Dawn, Sleepwalking Past Hope, Bleed Well.


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