30 March 2008

Killing Time... Daylight Saving Time

watching the new series of Gladiators on tv

can't wait to watch new ROVE tonight! YAY

Not liking this daylight savings ending. It's only 7pm but my body is saying 8pm grrr

not feeling very well... i have this awful cough that makes my chest hurt

I'm bored...

i think i need anger management or something, cos i'm always getting pissed at my sister when she asks me questions.... but they're always such stupid questions.

dad ate all the ice cream

i'm feeling slightly emo

my chest hurts, my body is telling me it's 8pm when it's only 7pm

i having "what the f888 am i suppose to do with my life" moments

I'm hating this slow internet... AHHHHH!

do you wanna see a nice photo (warning... boyxboy kissage... haha)

click here

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