08 March 2008

Mindless Self Indulgence / Soundwave

Mindless Self Indulgence, originally uploaded by Maccah4.
OMG Soundwave was awesome. My fave band was Mindless Self Indulgence. I went to Soundwave with not even knowing any of there songs, but they're amazing LIVE. Jimmy (pictured) jumped around, danced, he was amazing. He even invaded the stage that was being set up for Thursday to play on. The rest of MSI were cool. If they ever come back to Perth, I will so go to there concert.

This photo was actually taken at the Perth concert of Soundwave (the one I was at) so I saw this. I'm so excited. YAY! The photographer Maccah4, has heaps of other awesome photos from Soundwave Perth, as well as BIG DAY OUT Perth, and some other concerts in Perth in the last couple of years. You should check them out, and leave comments (there doesn't seem to be very many =D)

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