10 March 2008

Obsession ALERT!

I've been to listening to Mindless Self Indulgence for the last week, and I really love it. I already had the album "Tight" but I ipodnapped and "extracted" all the MSI songs she had. I found 2 that I remember being performed @ SOUNDWAVE. "Shut Me Up" and "Mastermind"
I must say that MSI is very different to the music that I listened to previously =D and I fucking love Jimmy Urine (even though he turns 40 next year, and looks like he's in his teens)

13th March - I just had a look back at my recent blogs... hehehe... i'm slightly OBSESSED with mindless self indulgence. I'm even dreaming about them... PG

In other news. I had a job interview today to work as a computer salesperson. I think it would be awesome. If I get it, I get paid a base wage, and then can get commissions... other than that. I've had a cold for the last couple of days (it's started showing up the morning on SOUNDWAVE... grr) so I haven't been working or going to tafe very much. so it will be good to get back to work.

love peace and chicken grease =D

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