30 April 2008

Is It Really That Hard???

OMG people... I've been searching livejournal, fanfiction.net and even adultfanfiction.net for fanfiction that pairs Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and Jimmy Urine (MSI) and do you think I can find any... NO!!

OMG it's like only the best pairing ever... think about it... Gerard is married to Lyn-Z... who else better for him to have a thing with but his wife's band mate... OMG Drama... Thats all I want... is some simple GerardxJimmy fan fiction...

For F***sake... they're writing fan fiction about Gerard and Mikey... THEY'RE BROTHERS!!! it's gross and wrong... OMG ewwww.... and theres Frankie and Gerard... thats okay... and Gerard and Bert (The Used) OMG hot.... but no Jimmy...

is it really that hard???

Uber Geek

This is the favouritest set I've made on Polyvore I love it! I want everything from it... NOW!


Hair Product Removal

So the surprise was that I was getting my hair dyed. It didn't turn out the way I wanted but it's still pretty awesome...
Yes I know... lame ass photo... I was channelling betty boop or something... hahaha (GEEK). Anyway I went out to dinner with Jess, Cass & Ruth, and Jess & Ruth's kids (OMG cuties) and they made fun of my "emo" hair... hahaha
Anyhoo... OMG guess what??? I only need to get 2 more MUSE cds and then I have them all... OMG... hahahaha YAY! and one of them is in the mail on it's way to me... so I really only need to get one... but there are some special edition cds I want... hehehe
I'm gonna have fun getting all the hairspray and wax out of my hair tonight... hehehe. And I'm gonna have to think about how I'm gonna do my hair tomorrow for work... AHHHH!
so the new mindless self indulgence cd is out... may need to find and stalk... hahahaha like you can stalk a cd.
I've been searching the net for images to add to my ever expanding image folder... hahahaha found lots of Dr. Who ones... YAY
I have to work tomorrow... I'm also suppose to go to tafe, but I haven't been all week... I feel slightly guilty about it... but... don't know why... I just don't really want to go back.... but I go into this every post... hahaha
So bored... so tired... need to sleep

29 April 2008

An Amazing Thing Is About To Happen + Other Stuff

Couple of things happening tomorrow... the fact that I'm probably not going to TAFE again is beside the point. I don't know why I haven't been going to TAFE... I just don't feel like it. One of the guys out there is depressed (he told everyone) and I feel bad that I can't do anything to help, and I'm also slightly depressed because I don't think I want to do IT anymore, but I only have this term left and I've finished, but I can't bring myself to finish. I don't want to pull out and disappoint my parents... and I don't have anything else to do. Mum said if I got a full time job I could pull out... but I haven't really tried looking for a full time job. I've applied for so many jobs and haven't got them, that I have this slight fear of rejection. I get so excited about the job that I imagine how great it would be when I got it, and then nothing happens. Anyhoo enough with the depressingness that is my (non)career...

So I've been invited out for dinner with my friends from school... I don't know if I'm looking forward to it or not... I love them, it's just they all either have husbands/boyfriends/successful jobs/children/lifes etc and I don't. I guess I'm jealous of them slightly. I don't know whose going to be there... well I know Jess will be because she invited me... I kinda hoping that she brings her beautiful children with her... Anntonia and Lincoln. They're so cute!

Something else is happening tomorrow too... at 10am. But it's a surprise. I will try and post about it tomorrow night after dinner =D I'm very excited... OMG! I'm slightly scared, what I've decided is a little bit drastic I think... but I need to do it. Hopefully I won't get fired for it... HAHA Now I got you thinking, haven't I?

You will have to wait and see...


27 April 2008


So I finally got around to cleaning my room. And I put new posters up... to most people that probably doesn't sound like a difficult thing... but for me... considering the walls are 3 metres high. I had to use a ladder... yes a ladder... to put the posters up. But it was worth it.

In other news:
Back to TAFE tomorrow... don't know if I'm gonna go. I'm in a rutt... I don't know what I want to do. I know what I need... a better paying job... a car... but I don't know what sort of job... I don't know if I want to work in IT anymore, it's hard it's a very male orientated industry, which makes it harder to get jobs and be taken seriously. I am actually seriously considering going to work at Fletchers. It pays well. But it's an abattoir. So there is the change of having to handle meat. I don't know if that is a bad thing.
I could just get a job as a receptionist... even though I don't want to be a receptionist. I could go back and work for Coles... not that I think they'll take me back after I quit. I could go work for Video Ezy again... heheheh that would look good... working for Blockbuster and Video Ezy at the same time.
Hmm - I don't like this rutt business... =D I wish I could find something I like... and then find the perfect job. I should start my own business... doing something... selling geek shit... I WOULD LOVE THAT... but how does a 21 year old with no business experience get the money for something like that... I wouldn't know where to start...

I would love to call the store "Geek Shit" but I don't think that would go down well with the public...
Maybe it could be an online business... thats means I wouldn't need a shop.

HAHAHA anyway... If you have any ideas let me know.

25 April 2008

This Weeks Obssessions #1 - 25 April 2008

I've decided that every Friday (if I can remember) I'll add images of my current weeks obsessions. So here we go...

Doctor Who=================MUSE


Mario Kart Wii

Still Addicted To Polyvore

Nothing much interesting to blog.
Cleaned my room.
Haven't watched the last episode of Torchwood yet.
Finally downloaded the upgrade for Windows Live Messenger.
Still addicted to Polyvore.
Hoping my new CDs will show up next week.
Finished Twilight by Stephanie Meyers last night.
Ruth named her daughter Portia Acton.
There is noone online to talk too.
Found another random blog Nubbytwiglet.com... I don't get the name, but it's still pretty cool.
I also found some random index cards (small rectangle bits of lined card) and I've been writing on them and sticking them all around my room.
I'm having great fun downloading images of MUSE, and eating Missippi Mud Cake that we made this afternoon. It's YUM!
I think there is a police chase going on outside.

...Band I Want To See...
Mindless Self Indulgence (again)
Billy Talent
The 69 Eyes
Tokio Hotel
HIM (again)
Cinema Bizarre
...many more

24 April 2008

Things I Love Thursday #2 - 24 April 2008

Mario Kart Wii – I went into EB Games this afternoon and picked up my pre-ordered copy of Mario Kart Wii. OMG I’m so excited. It’s so much fun. And I’m really lucky that I pre-ordered it from EB Games because apparently the train that had the stock for Target/Kmart was derailed =O. I’m so lucky. *squee* I walked into the plaza, and nearly every teenage boy in the place was holding there copy of Mario Kart Wii. HAHA Nerds!

Note: 2 hour in and Kaitlin and I have already unlocked some new circuits. YAY!

Red Dwarf – I started watching it from the start again. I’ve seen them all before, but I can watch them and still laugh, because they’re just so funny. It’s amazing how a TV show with only 5 characters in it can be so funny for so long. HAHA!

Polyvore.com – I’m like fully addicted… obsessed… OMG… awesome. I created a group called “The Awesome Foursome”. I got Zoe addicted, and I signed Kaitlin up… now all I need to do is get Jenna addicted.

HIM Songs – or… “The Goosebumps I Get When I Hear A Song That They Performed At Their Concert… That I Was At… OMG”… that really explains it *girly squee*

Torchwood/Dr Who Fanfiction – Ianto as the doctors’ new assistant… OMG Yes!! Jack and the doctor together... finally... OMG! *extra girly squee*

Someone made this icon of the Doctor and Jack kissing... it's cool, because the doctor and Jack never kiss... but it looks really good... YAY! *girly squee*

Rocking Out To KILL HANNAH - I've known of them for awhile, but I've started listening to the songs I have on my computer, so I would be ready for when the cds showed up. OMG I love them... hehehehe. I've decided that my band (if I ever have one) will release a cover of "Lips Like Morphine" but instead of... "I want a girl with lips like morphine" it's gonna be... "I want a BOY with lips like morphine" tehehehe! YAY!

22 April 2008

Yes, I'm A Loser

So... I watched the Spice Girl Movie this morning... (yes I know... GET OVER IT) I didn't realise how many famous people have cameos. Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Bob Hoskins etc. And what I never realised is, Nicola (The Spice Girls pregnant friend) is played by the actress who plays Tosh in Torchwood. hehehe.

Anywhoo... enough about how much of a loser I am. I had a computer scare today. I restarted my computer because it was chucking a sad. And when it restarted, it loaded in old school classics windows theme, and the background was the default. I was so scared that I had fried it. So I shut it down, waited a little while... and then turned it on... and now it's okay!!! YAY!

I started a list on this blog, of cool people who wear converses. If you think of any, that are not on the list, let me know =D

20 April 2008

Layout Change / Polyvore / Random Dribble & Icons

I've been changing my blog layout around a bit. I made a new banner (it's more me) I changed the background colour, and I've added some more content. Like more pictures, and more links etc. I think my blog is starting to look more "used"... I don't know what the word is... It looks more professional. I'm slowly learning how everything works, and how to make it better. I'm going to try and get a real domain name for it one day. I need to research how much it will cost me.
Anyway... Below is a polyvore set I created a while back, that I decided to add to the post. It's called "Geek Inspiration"

I ordered some cds today... to go with the 3 I bought on Friday, and the 4 I laybyed on Friday... hahaha. That will be 11 cds purchased in the last 5 days... OMG!! hahaha. This is what I'm getting/got:
  • Panic At The Disco - Pretty Odd
  • Escape The Fate - Dying Is Your Latest Fashion
  • Escape The Fate - There's No Sympathy For The Dead
  • Muse - HAARP (live)
  • Muse - Absolution
  • Muse - Origin Of Symmetry
  • Kill Hannah - For Ever & Never
  • Kill Hannah - Until There's Nothing Left Of Us
  • Boys Like Girls
  • Scary Kids Scaring Kids
  • Boyhitscar

I don't know the album names of the last 3. hehehe. I like my choice of music. I'm so excited about the Panic At The Disco concert. There new stuff is really different to there old stuff... I love it. But at this moment in time, right now, my favest band in the universe is MUSE! but my music preference depends on my mood, any new music I might have, and the weather... actally, not the weather but anyway. =D

---Sexy Men---

(l-r) Matt Bellamy of Muse, Jimmy Urine of MSI, David Tennant aka Doctor Who & John Barrowman aka Captain Jack of Torchwood

Stalking Matt Bellamy

Muse - Matt Bellamy, originally uploaded by ruu°.

I got the new live MUSE cd/dvd and OMG! it's awesome. I'm so jealous of everyone who went to the wembly concerts. I'm slightly angry with myself for not going to their concert in Perth. But I can't dwell on things I didn't do.


I'm getting a tattoo of the lyrics of "Invincible" cos I love the song. It makes me feel happy. YAY!! One day I'm going to go to a MUSE concert. I just ordered 2 of their cds. "Absolution" and "Origin Of Symertry" (thats not spelt right). OMG so excited!

17 April 2008

Things I Love Thursday #1 - 17 April 2008

I've been inspired to post a "Things I Love Thursday" which is a concept created by my fave blogger Gala Darling. So here we go:

Torchwood... whats not to love about sexy men, aliens and sex. I've only got one episode of Torchwood series 2 and then thats it for awhile. I found the official magazine for it in Angus & Robertson this afternoon, and I'm so excited. I haven't read it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. YAY!

Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares... another tv show. Gordon Ramsey is an English chef, and he swears and yells, to help resturant owners save their yucky gross resturants. It's so funny, OMG. The resturant owners get so offended when he tells them how disgusting their resturants are, but he's only trying to help.

Cute Is What We Aim For... it's a emo/pop band. they're funny. I had this sudden urge just then to listen to them... now I am.

Fingerless Gloves... I have new bright acid green fingerless gloves. I love them!

I think that'll do for tonight!!! bub-bye xoxox

14 April 2008

We Made Cupcakes

cupcakes by me, originally uploaded by Princess Geek.
My sisters and I made some cupcakes today. They were yummo and so cute and tiny. I only manged to get a few photos before they were all eaten.
Then we went to the park and played on the swings and the spinny thing, I got so dizzy. I took some photos so I'll post them when I get around to it.

13 April 2008

Need. More. Torchwood.

I just finished episode 12 of Torchwood season 2. The next episode is the last one of the series, but I don't have it. I have this friend who downloads them and then gives me a copy, but he "forgot" to put the last episode on my hard drive... So I made it to the end of episode 12 and it said "To Be Continued" but I can't continue. So I'm Sad =( I know what happens, but I still want to see it. But I kinda don't want to see it, because that means there is no more after that. There isn't even any talks about Torchwood Season 3.


So I'm having Torchwood withdrawels. I've found lots of fan fiction, so I should be okay for a while =D

10 April 2008

Latest Obsession

HARVEST MOON: Magical Melody on Wii... my new obsession. I'm more obsessed with this game than I am with Torchwood (and I'm obsessed obsessed with Torchwood *girly sqee*)

Yeah... thats the extent of my blogging today. Have to go play Wii! *sqee*

06 April 2008

Sweeny Todd

Sweeny Todd, originally uploaded by Pet [♥].

Finally a Tim Burton movie with some blood. It was wonderful. I forgot that it was a musical, but OMG it was good. Johnny Depp is amazing as Sweeny Todd.

But unfortunately the movie was sorta ruined by a group of annoying girls, who laughed at inappropiate moments, talked and had their mobile phones on. I really wanted Sweeny Todd in the cinema to slit their throats with a razor. They made me remember why I didn't go to the cinema anymore. I hate hate hate it. I know that I talk during movies, but I know when to shut the fuck up, and I only annoy the person sitting next to me (if they're there with me) If i'm at the movies on my own I say quiet. GRRRR!

But other than that...

...I fucking love Tim Burton!

05 April 2008

Star Wars According To A 3 Year Old

OMG it's so cute. It's a 3 year old girl explaining Star Wars Episode IV. So cute!

Stalking Chester

Chester, originally uploaded by JMaloney.

Last night I had a dream about Chester from Linkin Park... and before you say anything... it wasn't one of THOSE dreams. It was weird. Anyway. I woke up this morning and decided to listen to Linkin Park.
Then, when I went online I virtually stalked Chester... hahahaha. I'm so regretting not going to the Linkin Park concert last October. We were there staying at the burswood, because it was the night before TASTE OF CHAOS.