25 April 2008

Still Addicted To Polyvore

Nothing much interesting to blog.
Cleaned my room.
Haven't watched the last episode of Torchwood yet.
Finally downloaded the upgrade for Windows Live Messenger.
Still addicted to Polyvore.
Hoping my new CDs will show up next week.
Finished Twilight by Stephanie Meyers last night.
Ruth named her daughter Portia Acton.
There is noone online to talk too.
Found another random blog Nubbytwiglet.com... I don't get the name, but it's still pretty cool.
I also found some random index cards (small rectangle bits of lined card) and I've been writing on them and sticking them all around my room.
I'm having great fun downloading images of MUSE, and eating Missippi Mud Cake that we made this afternoon. It's YUM!
I think there is a police chase going on outside.

...Band I Want To See...
Mindless Self Indulgence (again)
Billy Talent
The 69 Eyes
Tokio Hotel
HIM (again)
Cinema Bizarre
...many more

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