06 April 2008

Sweeny Todd

Sweeny Todd, originally uploaded by Pet [♥].

Finally a Tim Burton movie with some blood. It was wonderful. I forgot that it was a musical, but OMG it was good. Johnny Depp is amazing as Sweeny Todd.

But unfortunately the movie was sorta ruined by a group of annoying girls, who laughed at inappropiate moments, talked and had their mobile phones on. I really wanted Sweeny Todd in the cinema to slit their throats with a razor. They made me remember why I didn't go to the cinema anymore. I hate hate hate it. I know that I talk during movies, but I know when to shut the fuck up, and I only annoy the person sitting next to me (if they're there with me) If i'm at the movies on my own I say quiet. GRRRR!

But other than that...

...I fucking love Tim Burton!

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