24 April 2008

Things I Love Thursday #2 - 24 April 2008

Mario Kart Wii – I went into EB Games this afternoon and picked up my pre-ordered copy of Mario Kart Wii. OMG I’m so excited. It’s so much fun. And I’m really lucky that I pre-ordered it from EB Games because apparently the train that had the stock for Target/Kmart was derailed =O. I’m so lucky. *squee* I walked into the plaza, and nearly every teenage boy in the place was holding there copy of Mario Kart Wii. HAHA Nerds!

Note: 2 hour in and Kaitlin and I have already unlocked some new circuits. YAY!

Red Dwarf – I started watching it from the start again. I’ve seen them all before, but I can watch them and still laugh, because they’re just so funny. It’s amazing how a TV show with only 5 characters in it can be so funny for so long. HAHA!

Polyvore.com – I’m like fully addicted… obsessed… OMG… awesome. I created a group called “The Awesome Foursome”. I got Zoe addicted, and I signed Kaitlin up… now all I need to do is get Jenna addicted.

HIM Songs – or… “The Goosebumps I Get When I Hear A Song That They Performed At Their Concert… That I Was At… OMG”… that really explains it *girly squee*

Torchwood/Dr Who Fanfiction – Ianto as the doctors’ new assistant… OMG Yes!! Jack and the doctor together... finally... OMG! *extra girly squee*

Someone made this icon of the Doctor and Jack kissing... it's cool, because the doctor and Jack never kiss... but it looks really good... YAY! *girly squee*

Rocking Out To KILL HANNAH - I've known of them for awhile, but I've started listening to the songs I have on my computer, so I would be ready for when the cds showed up. OMG I love them... hehehehe. I've decided that my band (if I ever have one) will release a cover of "Lips Like Morphine" but instead of... "I want a girl with lips like morphine" it's gonna be... "I want a BOY with lips like morphine" tehehehe! YAY!

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