22 April 2008

Yes, I'm A Loser

So... I watched the Spice Girl Movie this morning... (yes I know... GET OVER IT) I didn't realise how many famous people have cameos. Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Bob Hoskins etc. And what I never realised is, Nicola (The Spice Girls pregnant friend) is played by the actress who plays Tosh in Torchwood. hehehe.

Anywhoo... enough about how much of a loser I am. I had a computer scare today. I restarted my computer because it was chucking a sad. And when it restarted, it loaded in old school classics windows theme, and the background was the default. I was so scared that I had fried it. So I shut it down, waited a little while... and then turned it on... and now it's okay!!! YAY!

I started a list on this blog, of cool people who wear converses. If you think of any, that are not on the list, let me know =D

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