12 May 2008

12 May 2008 minus 366 Days

After my "near death" experience I've been thinking about how awesome the last year has been... This is why:
  • Got My Drivers Licence
  • Went To Taste Of Chaos
  • Met Aiden
  • Had A Photo with Wil (Aiden)
  • Left The Job I Hated
  • Got A Job I Loved
  • Met The Umbilical Bros (again!)
  • Saw Danny Bhoy
  • Went To Soundwave
  • Saw Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Met Madina Lake
  • Went To A HIM Concert (OMG The Greatest)
  • Went To A Nightclub
  • Celebrated My 21st Birthday Like a 6 Year Old @ The Alpaca Farm with The Awesome Foursome
  • Finally Learned To Accept my Geekiness and Cherish It
  • Lots of other things... I can't seem to think of! HAHA!
  • Bought A Nintendo Wii!
I'm just so excited!!! YAY!

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