29 May 2008

Confessions Of A Geek Addicted To Slash

The title of this post actually says what this post is about... I am addicted to Slash... not just any slash... I have a couple of favourite pairings!!!

Jack & Ianto (Torchwood)
Hotch & Reid (Criminal Minds)
Frankie Iero & Gerard Way (MCR)
Ten & Jack (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
Gerard Way & Bert Mccraken (MCR/The Used)
Bam Margera & Ville Valo (Viva La Bam/HIM)
Gerard Way & Jimmy Urine (not that I ever found any... but I can imagine!)

Thats pretty much what I have been doing in the last hour... looking at Slash on LiveJournal. I've downloaded so much Hotch/Reid slash it's not funny... and OMG guess what my phone can do??? I can load word documents onto it, and read them... so I don't have to print out pages and pages of smut... but it just makes my phone even more special... NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE SMUT FILLED PHONE!

I posted to my LiveJournal (nothing too exciting)

I just realised I haven't done a THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY in awhile... *shrugs* Who cares? I'll do a short Things I Love Thursday now...

Slash - Obviously
Criminal Minds - Season 3 started on TV last night... but I haven't finished season 2 so I'm trying to get it all finished by next week... and I recorded last nights episode!
Mobile Phone - Because I figured out how to put Documents onto it... so I can read slash! =D
Mario - As is Nintendo Super Mario... anything to do with Mario... Yoshi etc. I addicted to playing Mario Kart Wii, and I also want to buy Super Mario Galaxy (even though it made me sick)
Working - Yeah I know... Weird! But I really do enjoy my job at the Video Store. I wish I had more hours, cos then I could get a car!

Anyway... it's 9pm and I'm gonna go watch some more Criminal Minds!

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