13 May 2008

Major GRRR!

Its so cold! I should of left my shoes on >:(

I finally got the Kill Hannah CDs today... Fucking took awhile GRRR!

I'm trying to put custom mood themes on my livejournal page, but it's hard =( You have to download a file with the images in it, and the one I like is like 9MB... yeah fine if I had broadband I wouldn't have any problem... but I don't! I have dialup!!! GRRR!! Then I have to go some coding (Oh how I love coding... gosh!! GRR!!!) and then in the end... it probably won't work anyway!! And then I would of wasted all that time for nothing!!!!

Woooo 34% downloaded (in about 20 minutes!!) GRRR! Why did I have to choose such a large Mood Theme... oh I know why, cos it's Awesome Cool!!! HA!!!

50% (10 minutes since 34%) WooHoo! I'm actually watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory why I wait!!

OMG I looked away, and back and it's at 71%... yay! (it's cos I'm not using the internet... except for this!!)

My Tummy Hurts =(

OMG I got Casanova today... It has David Tennant in it!!! I'm So Excited!! *Geeky Dance*

95% *Continues Geeky Dance*


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