18 May 2008

My Brain Hates Me

I haven't posted in a while cos I'm not feeling very well... I'm not sick... just Blah! plus I've been working heaps! I just feel so useless... I don't know if thats the word... My brain plays tricks on me... like yesterday morning I got up to get a drink and there was a syringe on the sink... I freaked out. I didn't touch it... I just went back to bed and cried. I didn't know where it came from, and was worried that someone in my family was doing drugs... I got up at midday, went to work at 1pm and convinced myself it was a dream... It was a dream, there was no way it would of been there. When I got home from work I went in to the lounge room and told mum and dad about my dream... I was so convinced that my brain was playing tricks on me... but it wasn't... there was a syringe there... it's the syringe used to put the ink in the printer cartridges... What scared me is that I convinced myself I was dreaming... It didn't seem real, and everything that happened that morning became blurry and surreal. I don't want my brain to hate me. But now, everytime I stand up I get really dizzy, I'm actually feeling dizzy now typing this. Which means I probably have another ear infection... Which I don't want! GRRRRR!

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