30 May 2008

Stupid TAFE Boys / Weird Taste In Men

I'm playing on LiveJournal again... I just can't seem to get this stupid layout to work... GRRR!
YAY I have done it... I have found a LiveJournal layout that I actually like... it's not a custom one, just one that you can get normally, but it looks good. I did have a custom Layout, but it was shitting me because it was lopsided, and I'm a slight perfectionist when it comes to layouts.I think I'm a perfectionist when it comes to heaps of things... I might not seem like one, but I'm sure I am... especially with documents and posts and website layouts...
Anyhoo... work was good. I enjoy work, I like working with Nigel, he's cool. Plus he can get me episodes of tv shows that aren't released yet... like Criminal Minds Season 3... and New Doctor Who! YAY!
I only have 3 episodes of Criminal Minds season 2. Then I'm gonna have to find something else to occupy my time. Considering I didn't go to TAFE all this week... again! It's because my lecturer is sick, and the subsitute turns the internet off in class because he doens't "trust" us... by us he means the boys, and by boys he really means the sick idiot who looked up beastiality on the tafe computers... EWWW!!! But because of that shit (never found out who) we don't have the internet on in class, which means I can't do any work... even when I ask... GRRRR! But I feel guilty not going to TAFE... I know I'm not going to finish this team... but for me this is the last Semester... I'm gonna see if they'll let me back next team... We'll see!

Just a random image of Bill from Tokio Hotel looking girly! OMG *girly squee* =D It's from the Spring Nicht video clip!!! OMG I love that video so much! I love Bill with his hair down like that! I just love Bill anyway....
I have the weirdest taste in men... girly men and geeky men! HAHA! and finnish men =D Every man I've ever "stalked" falls into one of those 3 categories!! I'm such a geek! But I LOVE ME!

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