19 May 2008

Super Mario Galaxy Made Me Sick

It's 10pm I've been online since 5.30pm... guess what I've done?? I've post 2 blog (not including this one) I've joined one new "roleplay" group on Polyvore (I'm Nancy the Geek) I've made 5 polyvore sets, I've commented on 2. I've saved 5 photos of Billy Talent! And thats about it! Almost 5 hours wasted! HAHAHA!

I watched "Casanova" on Saturday night! Not the one with Heath Ledger in it, the one with David Tennant (Dr Who) and god! It was so funny! OMG! It just gives me even more reasons to HEART David Tennant! OMG!

Anyway I have 4 movies to chose from to watch tonight!
It's A Boy/Girl Thing
Hairspray (new)
The Last Mimzy or;

Or I could watch the last one and a half episodes of Life On Mars! Or play Super Mario Galaxy (I tried playing it last night, and it was so spinny that I actually puked! I got so dizzy! There should be a health warning... come to think about it! I think there is! HAHA! RANDOM!)

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