01 May 2008

Things I Love Thursday #3 - 1 May 2008

It's a new month... woohoo!

"Doctor Who" Visual Dictionary - I have it on layby at Angus & Robertson. I was going to pick it up tonight, but the girls there didn't know how to pay laybys with vouchers. But I'm still really excited about it! How geeky is that?

The Big Bang Theory - The funniest show I've seen in awhile... It's about these geeks who live nextdoor to a beautiful stupid girl... HAHAHA I'm so excited... one of my work collegues is going to get me the whole first season so I can watch. YAY!

My New Hair - Mostly the large chunk of blonde =D

Nestle Milkybars - White Chocolate at it's best. Nestle Milkybars... OMG Yummo!

Livejoural Layouts - I think I've mastered it... thanks to vands88! I may even be able to create my own headers. We'll see.

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