08 May 2008

Things I Love Thursday #4 - 8 May 2008

Polyvore.com – Just read all other posts tagged Polyvore!!!

David Tennant – aka The Doctor. All I really need to say!

Life on Mars – BBC TV show about a 2006 cop who ends up in the 70s. Very cool! Must note the own reason I even considered picking it up is because John Simm is in it, and he played The Master in Series 3 of Doctor Who.

Don’t Let Go – The Rasmus – cool song, cool band! GO FINLAND!

AJAX Spray N Wipe Lavender & Citrus – smells nice… cleans things

Catching Falling Ash – Yesterday Alex and I were outside and little bits of ash were falling from the sky (must have been a fire somewhere) we were trying to catch it and see how dirty we could make our hands… I won… My hands ended up black.

The Big Bang Theory – American TV Show…The funniest episode is when Shelton (one of the geeks) gets sick, and all the other geeks go and hide out so they don’t have to look after him… long story short, Penny (the cute stupid neighbour) ends up having to rub Vicks Vapor Rub into Shelton’s hair chest and sing him nursery rhymes

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