10 May 2008

What Ever!

Disclaimer: Having an Emo moment... Don't get offended... I'm hormonal... I'm sorry =D

No one is ever online when I am. I have no one to talk too. They log on, and just as I'm about to chat to them they're gone. All my friends do it. No body Loves Me! =(

I'm angry today.
I have to go to work.
I'm tired.
They cancelled the Halo movie =(
All I want to do is watch "Life On Mars" (I brought series 2 today)

I also bought grandpa pants... I love them! Now I'm truly getting geekier!

Work was so busy yesterday that I didn't leave until 11pm (i'm suppose to finish at 10) and the security guy who comes to make sure I lock up probably got pissy cos I took so long. GRRRR!!!
And now there are sharks at middleton beach, and Kaitlin gets to go to Bali and I don't, and I have to go to work!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

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