19 June 2008


Been updating the list on my computer with all my DVDs in it... I own 497 DVDs (that are known to me) I'm pretty sure I got all of them =D

How sad is that?? Now I'm trying to sort them all out =D

I tried to post the list to Blogger, but I got an error that said the post was too large =D

Anyway now I'm comparing my movie knowledge to my uncle on Flixster... hahaha I'll kick his butt =D

I'm kicking butt with the "Never-ending quiz" and now I'm doing heaps of random quizzes =D Some of them a really random. Can you tell how bored I am??? I'm also trying to avoid randoms who keep trying to talk to me thru MSN... I must of put my email address somewhere, cos when I logged onto MSN today there were 4 new add people thingys =D and now they won't leave me alone... I should just block them.

Got an email from Telstra... we're going to get broadband soon! YAY I'm so excited!

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