30 June 2008

Ianto Fangirl in Training

okay... most doctor who fans will know this already... but i've only found out today...Ianto is in the newest Doctor Who episode called "The Stolen Earth"


Ianto... as is Ianto from Torchwood.

OMG OMG OMG... whats better than Torchwood or Doctor Who... how about Torchwood and Doctor Who conbined... Oh, how I love crossovers!I'm so excited.

I'm only up to episode 8 in Doctor Who season 4, and 10 & 11 are still downloading... but I have episode 12 ("The Stolen Earth") and really want to watch it, but I have to control myself!


I think I'm turning into an Ianto fangirl *gosh*

OMG dad just gave me my mail from today, and guess what was in there... new P plates... they're green!!! YAY! I get green plates!!!

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