14 June 2008

My Collection Is Complete!

I got a new DS game today! See ^^^^^
It's like a card game... I thought it would be pretty stupid, but it's actually quite addictive. The guy at EB Games said he was going to buy it if noone else would... but I got in first! HAHA!

So anyway did some shopping today... spend most of my money! I got new socks (stripy emo socks!) Tim Burton DVD "Ed Wood" (the only Tim Burton movie I don't own... but now I do) The Sims 2 Freetime Guide, The DS game (above) and some black pants, because the zippers of both my work pants and my grandpa pants broke! GRRRRR!

I also ordered broadband thru Telstra... I know I heard Telstra sucked, but mum really wanted all the phone and internet to come from one place... I don't know how long it's going to take to show up, and I chose to set it up myself, so hopefully it won't be too hard... but I am a qualified IT technician so... hahaha!

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