27 June 2008

Religious Rambling

i'm on ebay looking for rosary beads. I've never had any... and I think thats sad for a catholic to have never had rosary beads. I remember, when i used to go to confession, i was told to do 10 "hail mary's", but i couldn't because I didn't have any rosary beads. I felt so bad. My nana has a large pair of rosary beads on her wall, I remember climbing up (I was in year 3 at the time) and pulling them down, and trying to do my "Hail Mary's" and when nana came in and asked what i was doing i burst into tears and told her that the priest told me, and that god would hate me if I didn't do what the priest said. I remember!

I found the coolest pair of rosary beads, there by Dolce & Gabbana... i don't know if I should be excited or shocked... Rosary Beads... to me... have never been jewellery. I believe that the only people that can wear rosary beads are people who are practising catholics, and use them as prayer beads (because thats what they are) but I don't want to sound like a hypocrite, because if I had some I would probably wear them, but I'm not really a practising catholic... I'm catholic... but I haven't been to church since highschool.

I have faith... I say goodnight to mary every night before I go to sleep. I know god is protecting me, but I also know that god is not going to hold my hand every second of the day. I also believe that god allows us to think what ever we want. I believe in the big bang and evolution... it's scientifically proven, but god still exists!

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