01 June 2008

Slaves To Fashion

I had some lady come into work today, and she had a gucci bag... caroline (who i was working with) asked her about it, and the lady was like "it was on special for $2500... so I got it!!!"


OMG! for a bag... what the fuck! and it was on special... so what was it's original cost! OMG how can anyone justify paying $2500 for a tiny little bag that hardly fits anything in it!!??

The last bag I brought only cost me $19.95 from Target... and but I'm currently using one of my old bags (my favourite) it's a nightmare before christmas bag, and it's covered in badges! It's slightly smallish (I can't fit all my crap in it) but I still love it!

Anyhoo... this lady's bag got me thinking about people who are a slave to fashion... for example... I read the new Girlfriend or Dolly magazine, and then the next day all you can see are teens wearing the same styles... i guess thats what the magazines are for, and that it's obvious that teens can't come up with there own styles!!

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