28 June 2008

Today I Heart...

- Thrillers with Religious Themes... The Reaping, End Of Days, Stigmata etc.
- "Sing For Absolution" Music Video by MUSE - It's a futuristic/sci fi themed music video, with the band members as astronauts on there way to another planet... that ends up being post apocalyptic earth. The song is awesome... the music video is even more awesome.
- Broadband
- Cat Names - I'm trying to come up with the prefect geeky cat names that say a bit about me... so far I have... Ianto, Harkness, Tardis, Skywalker & Tennant
- Giant Freddo Frogs - Mum got one of those funraiser boxes... so far only our family has eaten them... and I don't think anyone has paid anything yet!

Gratuitous Boy Kissage =D

Now playing on iTunes: Muse - Hysteria

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