28 June 2008

Why Am I Awake So Early??

it's 11am. This has got to be the earliest I've been up for a while... and it's saturday! I don't know why I can't sleep in on Saturday... So I'm surfing and buying shit off ebay. I was outbid on the rosary beads, and I don't really want to bid any higher so I bought a copy of Harvest Moon DS Cute, which has a girl instead of a boy... YAY! by the looks of it thats the only different... the land looks the same, I think everyhting is the same except the characters gender is reversed... hahaha that sounds weird. I was going to buy the normal Harvest Moon, but then I found the "Cute" one.

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to go to the Escape The Fate concert... I want to go because it a concert =D but I only like 3 songs, and Ronnie is not the lead singer anymore, so the songs will sound different... and it's a lot of effort to go to perth for 2 days and go to a concert and be disappointed. I know it's Escape The Fate... but I'm not really a big fan. I have 2 of there cds, but only like 3 songs... and the fact, if we go, we have to go to the all ages gig, instead of the 18+ one.

Anyhoo... I'm currently downloading another Muse music video... Sing For Absolution... It's one of my fave songs... eventually I'm going to download all the Muse music videos. But I'm starting with my faves first. And it takes about an hour for each music video... but I guess thats better than 5 hours...

I have to go to work tonight... I have tomorrow off, I'm planning on doing nothing, it's pretty much what I do anyway. I might make some cupcakes... but I'll probably end up online all day. I'm hungry... I'm gonna go find me some lunch...

Now playing on iTunes: Muse - Sing For Absolution

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