31 July 2008

check it out, and be impressed!

so, kaitlin and jenna fly out tomorrow... off to the warmness of bali, while i'm stuck here freezing cold.

guess what i did today???
nothing of any major significance.

i did a major overhaul of my myspace!! check it out!!!

check it out, and be impressed!

listening to APOCALYPTICA!

listening to Heros (by David Bowie) sang by a Finnish guy, in German!!

playing on polyvore... like always!

looking up on the net who wins amazing race!

29 July 2008

Car Ramblings

okay, so that isn't stanley... but soon, i do promise! mum has an appointment with the bank tomorrow, so hopefully everything will go well! then I can have stanley! All I want to do is drive around and visit people and show them! I want to be there when we get Stanley, but knowing my father he will do it without me... I should tell him that he's not allowed too! You don't know how excited I am about this... OMG YAY!

27 July 2008

"my blog is getting slightly boring"

i feel sick
i'm glad the dog has finally gone home
i'm tired...

i don't know what to type
my blog is getting slightly boring

i've decided i don't care what other people think =D

why can't i find jimmy/gerard fanfiction???

why won't the chiodos album i downloaded work in iTunes???

can't wait to drive my new car...

need to vent... can't vent online =(

25 July 2008


i really really don't like dogs! they smell and always need attention... why can't they be more like cats...
i have the worstest headache i've ever had, i think i have a fever too and i have to work 1-8 tomorrow... i'm so tired but can't sleep because of the stupid dog! GRRRR!

24 July 2008


OMG i'm so excited... Stanley is mine!!!!! I don't have him yet, but dad has signed the papers, so he's mine... now all i need to do is pay for him =D OMG so excited!!!


Just added a music player to my blog... it's awesome because i can search 1000s and 1000s of songs to find the ones i want to add, and they have nearly everything... even Negative, Lovex and Cinema Bizarre!

I'm so very excited!

Mum promised we are going to try and get my car next week, or while Kaitlin is in Bali! I'm so excited!!! I am still jealous of KT, but not as much now...!!

I'm having a Mindless Self Indulgence phase at the moment! I found this picture of Jimmy (below) and i just love it! OMG I love him, even though he's 40 next year!!!

He does look like he's on "something"... i don't need to tell you how amazing he is on stage! OMG! f888ing AMAZING!!!!!

23 July 2008


at this point in time i'm feeling depressed... for a couple of reasons, some i won't go into online, but others (like the fact i have to house sit for 3 nights & kaitlin and zoe went out without me... THANKS GUYS) and i'm also thinking, that getting a car is too hard, and maybe i should just forget about it... i think this is one of the main reasons i feel depressed, because everytime i think about not getting a car i get upset (silly i know) but i really wanted this car, and there is nothing more i can do, it's up to my parents to organise now, and to me... it seems like nothing is happening... and it's making me feel sad. because the car dealer will only hold stanley for so long, then anyone can buy him... there is an easy way for me to own stanley, but it's more expensive, because the loan rate is like 16% but if mum gets the equityline like planned it's only like 9%, but to get the equityline, we need financial information and the f888ing house has to be valued... it's just far too hard...
mum has asked me to do dad's books but i don't know what i'm doing... i have done MYOB before but i just can't remember... it fustrates me... ahhhhhh... i don't know what i'm suppose to be doing

22 July 2008

I have to house sit on thursday, friday and saturday, and i don't really want to... because i'm not really house sitting i'm dog sitting but can't bring the dog here (to my house) cos the cats won't like it...
I don't want to house sit!

MSI Videos

21 July 2008

turns music up loud, sings louder!

one of dad's carsalesman friends brought up a Mazda 2 for me to look at... i liked the look of it, and it's drive nice... but it's not a Jazz... it's not stanley! The one thing I love about Mazda 2s is that they come in Green... not shitty pastel green, but bright in your face GREEN!

Anyway, dad said that i could take a month before I have my car =( i wish I could have it sooner... i could but it would cost more, because the loan rate is higher!!

I'm so excited about this car, but it seems to make my life go very slow... i just need to stop thinking too much into it, because, like dad said ,it may take months before i get this car... and i bet everyone is getting sick of listening to me go on about it =D

I feeling slightly depressed... about a couple of things... tomorrow (no explanation needed), the car, and my overall laziness...

*turns music up loud, sings louder, and makes a set to make her happy on polyvore*

Here's the set I made!

19 July 2008

My Knight In Shinning Armor

yes - i do realise that the jazz is pink, but i couldn't find any misty violet ones!
Sir Stanley!

my family are seriously going to get sick of me going on about this car... i won't stop until he's MINE!

PS - Zoe... you are not driving Stanley! =D

Nothing To Watch

zoe is coming back to albany YAY!
Stanley will soon be mine
I'm so bored & uninspired
PC is snoring
My computer is running slow!
nothing to watch

18 July 2008

So F-ing Excited!

Just test drove a Honda Jazz! OMG they are so much more awesome then I expected!! They are so roomy, and there are lots of little storage bits everywhere, like under the steering wheel... and it's so quiet!! It could quite easily fit the awesome foursome, with luggage (not as much as we usually take... but enough... we may need to learn how to pack light guys!!!) It's so smooth. I'm so F-ing excited! OMG!

There is one tiny little downfall... no cruise control... but i'll get over that!

17 July 2008

Group Certs

sent an email to my old boss about my group certificate... haven't had a reply yet... grrr!! It's the only one I'm waiting on!

I have to go to work in 40 minutes!

it's 9PM, just checked my email.... have a reply from my old work, apparently my old boss is on holiday until next week and hasn't done he group certs yet... which pisses me the fuck off! what an idiot, going on holiday and not printing out the group certs... it's inconsiderate! AHHHHHHH!!


what am i suppose to do? how do i deal with this?

16 July 2008

STANLEY is near!

it looks like it may actually be happening... i, melissa, may soon be the owner of a brand spankin new honda jazz!!! OMG I'm so excited!
It may not be the purple one that I originally wanted, but it will be the next model up (the vti), it's quite possibly "Purplish Blue" in colour, which is a light sorta silvery purplish blue colour (HAHA) I'm so excited... STANLEY is near!

15 July 2008

My plans for tonight & tomorrow [UPDATED]

  • download more item for sims 2
  • watch The Dudesons Season 2
  • watch Chapter 27
  • Play Sims 2
  • make cupcakes
  • sleep in
  • try not to die in my sleep (because i have a blocked nose and can't breathe)
  • go pick up my little sister PSP memory card from Nigel
  • try and clean my room... which probably won't happen
  • rock out to LOVEX
  • maybe drive past stanley =D (if I have the car)

can't think of anything else... i think i can make the next 24 hours fit all that (or less) hahaha!


Guess Who???

Do you know who that is???? It's Jared Leto... i don't really have any words... it's a scene from a movie he was in last year called "Chapter 27" it was release on DVD today and I've rented it. I really want to watch it, it's about Mark Chapman (Jared Leto's character), he shot John Lennon (of The Bealtes)... the movie has Lindsay Lohan in it... I don't like her...

They gave jared so much shit for being fat... but it was for a movie, and look at him now... he's sexy again =D I think he's an awesome actor... he's not like say, Brad Pitt, who always plays the same sort of characters... i hate Brad Pitt

14 July 2008

major bitch post

i have the worst headache known to man... dude it's bad... and i just looked aouy my window and it's really dark, i can't get over how quickly it gets dark.
my eyes are sore, my nose won't stop running, my throat is itchy and one of my ears is blocked... i feel like shit!!! GRRR!

13 July 2008

"I got up the cops were here taking finger prints"

so... someone tried to break into our house early this morning... they didn't get in, but i remember hearing it, but thinking it was kaitlin letting the cats out, but apparently not. our neighbours got broken into as well, so this morning when I got up the cops were here taking finger prints... hahaha i hope they catch the bastard.

other than that, i've found out that the car that I've been looking at to buy is the top of the range Jazz... which means i can't afford it, whcih means stanley may not be purple after all... he may be black... doesn't matter too much, because the black car is cool too, but I would of preferred purple =(

Today is my mum's birthday! YAY!

I have a cold, and I have to go to work tonight... i'm going to have to deal with it, because there is no way I can get someone to cover for me now... and I might be felling worse on tuesday, when I have my next shift.

12 July 2008

More Spending Money

I've fallen in love with blogging again. It's mainly because I've found out that people are actually reading my blog and enjoying it, which is pretty awesome... I LOVE YOU READERS!

Today I bought "The Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff" it's got 60 items for my sims that are available at IKEA. I heart IKEA. I wish I could afford to travel to perth and go on a IKEA shopping spree. I'm pretty excited to play it, hopefully my Sims won't play up too much.

I also bought Mystery Men on DVD. If you haven't seen it... WATCH IT! It's so funny! It's got lots of big names in it. Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria, Geoffrey Rush... it's just so funny

I also got DOCTOR WHO: VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED (which is the season 4 christmas special) i'm so excited because the special features include TIME CRASH, which is the 2 doctor special with Peter Davidson... OMG I'm so excited! I can't wait to watch it.

other than that... I think I'm getting that cold that is going around. I'm going to try and stay in front of it, because I don't want to miss any work, because I need more money for the Stanley Fund =D

11 July 2008


went to work at 5.30, all the lights where out. boss was there. went inside and did cleaned some dvds in the dark, locked up, got into car, about to back out... and the lights came back on... so i had to work... but that doesn't matter... cos i got a pay rise... i get $18 an hour now... yay! more money for the Stanley Fund! YAY STANLEY!

anyway, found the cutest thing ever on livejournal... TORCHWOOD BABIEZ omg so cute!!!

I've started to listen to HIM again... i realised that it's been awhile since I've heard Villes' sweet soothing voice *squee*

I can't get over how cold and windy it is... trees have fallen over, roofs have been blown away, our old bird cage has blown over... DUDE I hate wind!

10 July 2008

About Today

Harvest Moon DS Cute - You're a girl instead of a boy
Milky Bar White Chocolate
My Car Fund = $200
Gave my credit card to dad to "hide"
Signed up to Last.FM
Haven't Watched the New Doctor Who episodes yet... because after them... thats it! I just can't bring myself to watch them =(
Can't wait to geek my car...
Finally got Death Note volume 2

09 July 2008

is it some sort of punishment?

i'm feeling a tad "BLAH" if you know what I mean?

I'm having second thought about getting a car... I really really really want one, but it's a lot of responcibility and lots of money... about $100 a week.

And i don't know if i want a brand new bottom of the range Jazz, or a second hand top of the range Jazz!!! Can I afford $19,990... thats $100 a week for 5 years!!! But that does include stamp duty and CTP... Dad thinks I can't afford $100 a week... and he thinks we should wait to see what my uncle can find...

TELL ME THIS... why are automatic cars always $2000 more expensive??? is it some sort of punishment for being too lazy to get a manual licence!!??? I'M NOT LAZY! Just practical... why do I need a manual car...?? no one can give me any resonable explanations why Manuals are better... except for the annoying fact that they're cheaper and easier to get (which pisses me off)

All i want to a Violet Automatic Transmission Honda Jazz... thats it!

08 July 2008

I Just Want A Car

I haven't even considered looking at holdens. I don't know why... I think, deep down, I'm a ford girl!

At the beginning I wanted a Suzuki Swift, but when I got up close and looked at it, It looked weird... it's very "boxy" And I've recently found out, that I think the Fords need Premium Unleaded Pertol... which is even more expensive.

I always end up back with the Honda Jazz. I don't know why. It's $19,990 new at Honda Car yard But dad thinks I won't be able to handle the payments, and we have already asked my uncle (works at a Ford Car yard) to help, and apparently we can't "whiteant" him (as dad says)

Why does buying a car have to be difficult. Dad wants me to do lots of research... but I just want to go out and buy the car.

07 July 2008

Feeling Good

it's amazing how good you feel after doing little things... like taking cupcakes into work and sharing them! HAHA I'm such a retard!! but I feel good.
Also... Alex has a PSP now. YAY!

Now playing on iTunes: The Vaine - The Unnamed Train Song

Today I Love...

Honda Jazz - I think I want one of these. I love them... my other choice is a Ford Focus or a Mazda2. But I do like the Honda Jazz.

New Movies - I have Hancock, Wanted, Horton Hears A Who, and Kung Fu Panda

Doctor Who Soundtracks on iTunes Australia

Girlfriend Magazine - Finally, including styles and products that I like, instead of this girly pink shit they the teen magazine are into.

The Vaine - A new screamo band from Australia. The 2 lead singers are girls. My fave song is "The Unnamed Train Song" Their EP is on iTunes, and their new album is at JB Hifi

06 July 2008

You Eated My Cookie

i'm in "talks" with the parents. I'm hoping to get a car out of it. mum talked to dad, and then dad took mum to look at cars... so the fact she didn't get a full NO is a good sign. and dad has been telling me to do some research. I've been looking at a couple of different small cars (i only want a small car)
ford focus
honda jazz
suzuki swift
lancers (but i can't possibly buy a lancer because some people don't like them... I LOVE THEM)

I always end up looking at the honda jazz. They're very "Kawaii" as matt would put it! HAHA! The only problem i have is, its a hatch, and i would prefer a sedan. Matt told me i should get a WRX and i told him that i didn't want one, because albany people would think I was a try hard loser (no offence to my cousin Jase who has one, but he lives in perth so it's okay... and he actually likes cars) I tried to explain to Matt that I don't want a V8, i want a small simple car that is cheap to run. and is automatic, and has a good sound system (which i can fix later)

After all my searching i always end up with the honda or the ford. I don't know, I shouldn't look to much into it, because the car will be cheaper if I buy it off the lot, instead of having to get them to order it in.

then i have to look at insurance and stamp duty... grrrr! and dealer delivery...

Just went and looked at cars. I like the Ford Focus the best. it looks nice, and it looks roomy. I want to go out and test drive it. The honda jazz look okay too, and we found a volkwagen golf that looks cool too... i don't know... the cars are expensive, i don't want to get too excited yet about getting a new car... i would like a new car, but i have to be realistic... i'm going to have to pay for it. so it might be easier to get a secondhand car.

03 July 2008

You Are Not The Centre Of The Universe!

i need to vent... i'm pissed, and there is nothing i can do about it, because i can't vent here, because i gave the address to people at work... and other people and i don't really want them to know whats going on. there's this person.... a useless person, who thinks they are the centre of the universe. but they're not, they're just selfish and annoying. they can't even handle simple tasks... All i can do is stand back and wait for them to stuff up majorly... and when they do... I'm just gonna stand back and watch.

plus there is job i really want, but i don't think I'll get it because they're a major client of the company I used to work for...

and my tupperware has arrived and I don't have all the money for it yet! GRRRR!

My Surroundings

I don't really have anything interesting to post, so I decided I'm going to be completely random and tell you about my surroundings =D

1) First thing I would like to point out is the cat. Fast asleep on a tower of cushions. He's fat (about 10kg) and ginger. His name is PC, and he's about 12 years old. He's snoring =D

2) My CD tower is breaking. One side has come loose, so now the cds don't fit into the slots and the fall to the bottom. Which means I'm surrounded by random CDs that don't have a home. My largest collection of CDs belonging to one artist is a draw between Muse & My Chemical Romance. I have 5 Muse CDs (Showbiz, Absolution, Origin Of Symmetry, Black Holes & Revelations & HAARP) and 5 My Chemical Romance CDs (The Black Parade, Life On The Murder Scene, I Brought You My Bullets, Three Cheers For Sweet Romance & Famous Last Words single)

I own 3 CDs that came from another country (as in I had to buy them online) All 3 CDs are Tokio Hotel, and they're from Germany. 2 of those 3 are sung in German.

3) I'm attempting to sort out my DVDs... all 500 of them. The problem is... I don't have enough room. The newest DVD to my collection is Stargate Atlantis Season 1.

4) I have only black clothes on my bedroom floor... and a pair of red & blue striped socks...

5) I own 5 pairs of converses.

6) I have a signed poster of Aiden... I recently found out that the guitarist Jake has left the band... which means my signed poster is worth a little bit more... because it's signed by the "five" members of Aiden.

7) Concert Tickets stuck to my mirror... Taste Of Chaos 2007, Soundwave 2008 & HIM. (Yes HIM... OMG YAY!)

8) My dad does the households washing... he's a "Househusband" =D I LOVE MY DAD!

9) My other cat has just wandered into my room and settled on the pile of blankets on the floor.

10) The new "Girlfriend" magazine (it's a teen magazine that I still buy, even though I'm 21) has an style section about girls makeup tables... there is one for the sporty girl, the vintage girl and the girly girl. I was angry... they always leave out the "Rock" girl... but then I turned the page and it was there... HAHAHA! I'm random I know

Anyway thats it! Really... Random I know! I might take some more photos one day and post them!

Now playing on iTunes: Scissor Sisters - Land Of A Thousand Words

01 July 2008

Addicted to LiveJournal

hi my name is melissa and i'm addicted to LiveJournal


that would be it right there...

my LiveJournal

come and play on LiveJournal with me =D


we only have 2.5gb of downloads left. because bigpond forgot to tell me that because we didn't sign up at the beginning of the billing period the usuage is changed to fix it. so we have 2.5gb left yo use until july 11, when the month is reset... grrrr
i gues that means no more downloading. or the internet is going to slow down to 64kbps, and then there will be hell to pay, with 2 computers trying to access. grrrr