13 July 2008

"I got up the cops were here taking finger prints"

so... someone tried to break into our house early this morning... they didn't get in, but i remember hearing it, but thinking it was kaitlin letting the cats out, but apparently not. our neighbours got broken into as well, so this morning when I got up the cops were here taking finger prints... hahaha i hope they catch the bastard.

other than that, i've found out that the car that I've been looking at to buy is the top of the range Jazz... which means i can't afford it, whcih means stanley may not be purple after all... he may be black... doesn't matter too much, because the black car is cool too, but I would of preferred purple =(

Today is my mum's birthday! YAY!

I have a cold, and I have to go to work tonight... i'm going to have to deal with it, because there is no way I can get someone to cover for me now... and I might be felling worse on tuesday, when I have my next shift.

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