08 July 2008

I Just Want A Car

I haven't even considered looking at holdens. I don't know why... I think, deep down, I'm a ford girl!

At the beginning I wanted a Suzuki Swift, but when I got up close and looked at it, It looked weird... it's very "boxy" And I've recently found out, that I think the Fords need Premium Unleaded Pertol... which is even more expensive.

I always end up back with the Honda Jazz. I don't know why. It's $19,990 new at Honda Car yard But dad thinks I won't be able to handle the payments, and we have already asked my uncle (works at a Ford Car yard) to help, and apparently we can't "whiteant" him (as dad says)

Why does buying a car have to be difficult. Dad wants me to do lots of research... but I just want to go out and buy the car.

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