09 July 2008

is it some sort of punishment?

i'm feeling a tad "BLAH" if you know what I mean?

I'm having second thought about getting a car... I really really really want one, but it's a lot of responcibility and lots of money... about $100 a week.

And i don't know if i want a brand new bottom of the range Jazz, or a second hand top of the range Jazz!!! Can I afford $19,990... thats $100 a week for 5 years!!! But that does include stamp duty and CTP... Dad thinks I can't afford $100 a week... and he thinks we should wait to see what my uncle can find...

TELL ME THIS... why are automatic cars always $2000 more expensive??? is it some sort of punishment for being too lazy to get a manual licence!!??? I'M NOT LAZY! Just practical... why do I need a manual car...?? no one can give me any resonable explanations why Manuals are better... except for the annoying fact that they're cheaper and easier to get (which pisses me off)

All i want to a Violet Automatic Transmission Honda Jazz... thats it!

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