24 July 2008


Just added a music player to my blog... it's awesome because i can search 1000s and 1000s of songs to find the ones i want to add, and they have nearly everything... even Negative, Lovex and Cinema Bizarre!

I'm so very excited!

Mum promised we are going to try and get my car next week, or while Kaitlin is in Bali! I'm so excited!!! I am still jealous of KT, but not as much now...!!

I'm having a Mindless Self Indulgence phase at the moment! I found this picture of Jimmy (below) and i just love it! OMG I love him, even though he's 40 next year!!!

He does look like he's on "something"... i don't need to tell you how amazing he is on stage! OMG! f888ing AMAZING!!!!!

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