03 July 2008

My Surroundings

I don't really have anything interesting to post, so I decided I'm going to be completely random and tell you about my surroundings =D

1) First thing I would like to point out is the cat. Fast asleep on a tower of cushions. He's fat (about 10kg) and ginger. His name is PC, and he's about 12 years old. He's snoring =D

2) My CD tower is breaking. One side has come loose, so now the cds don't fit into the slots and the fall to the bottom. Which means I'm surrounded by random CDs that don't have a home. My largest collection of CDs belonging to one artist is a draw between Muse & My Chemical Romance. I have 5 Muse CDs (Showbiz, Absolution, Origin Of Symmetry, Black Holes & Revelations & HAARP) and 5 My Chemical Romance CDs (The Black Parade, Life On The Murder Scene, I Brought You My Bullets, Three Cheers For Sweet Romance & Famous Last Words single)

I own 3 CDs that came from another country (as in I had to buy them online) All 3 CDs are Tokio Hotel, and they're from Germany. 2 of those 3 are sung in German.

3) I'm attempting to sort out my DVDs... all 500 of them. The problem is... I don't have enough room. The newest DVD to my collection is Stargate Atlantis Season 1.

4) I have only black clothes on my bedroom floor... and a pair of red & blue striped socks...

5) I own 5 pairs of converses.

6) I have a signed poster of Aiden... I recently found out that the guitarist Jake has left the band... which means my signed poster is worth a little bit more... because it's signed by the "five" members of Aiden.

7) Concert Tickets stuck to my mirror... Taste Of Chaos 2007, Soundwave 2008 & HIM. (Yes HIM... OMG YAY!)

8) My dad does the households washing... he's a "Househusband" =D I LOVE MY DAD!

9) My other cat has just wandered into my room and settled on the pile of blankets on the floor.

10) The new "Girlfriend" magazine (it's a teen magazine that I still buy, even though I'm 21) has an style section about girls makeup tables... there is one for the sporty girl, the vintage girl and the girly girl. I was angry... they always leave out the "Rock" girl... but then I turned the page and it was there... HAHAHA! I'm random I know

Anyway thats it! Really... Random I know! I might take some more photos one day and post them!

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