11 July 2008


went to work at 5.30, all the lights where out. boss was there. went inside and did cleaned some dvds in the dark, locked up, got into car, about to back out... and the lights came back on... so i had to work... but that doesn't matter... cos i got a pay rise... i get $18 an hour now... yay! more money for the Stanley Fund! YAY STANLEY!

anyway, found the cutest thing ever on livejournal... TORCHWOOD BABIEZ omg so cute!!!

I've started to listen to HIM again... i realised that it's been awhile since I've heard Villes' sweet soothing voice *squee*

I can't get over how cold and windy it is... trees have fallen over, roofs have been blown away, our old bird cage has blown over... DUDE I hate wind!

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