23 July 2008


at this point in time i'm feeling depressed... for a couple of reasons, some i won't go into online, but others (like the fact i have to house sit for 3 nights & kaitlin and zoe went out without me... THANKS GUYS) and i'm also thinking, that getting a car is too hard, and maybe i should just forget about it... i think this is one of the main reasons i feel depressed, because everytime i think about not getting a car i get upset (silly i know) but i really wanted this car, and there is nothing more i can do, it's up to my parents to organise now, and to me... it seems like nothing is happening... and it's making me feel sad. because the car dealer will only hold stanley for so long, then anyone can buy him... there is an easy way for me to own stanley, but it's more expensive, because the loan rate is like 16% but if mum gets the equityline like planned it's only like 9%, but to get the equityline, we need financial information and the f888ing house has to be valued... it's just far too hard...
mum has asked me to do dad's books but i don't know what i'm doing... i have done MYOB before but i just can't remember... it fustrates me... ahhhhhh... i don't know what i'm suppose to be doing

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