21 July 2008

turns music up loud, sings louder!

one of dad's carsalesman friends brought up a Mazda 2 for me to look at... i liked the look of it, and it's drive nice... but it's not a Jazz... it's not stanley! The one thing I love about Mazda 2s is that they come in Green... not shitty pastel green, but bright in your face GREEN!

Anyway, dad said that i could take a month before I have my car =( i wish I could have it sooner... i could but it would cost more, because the loan rate is higher!!

I'm so excited about this car, but it seems to make my life go very slow... i just need to stop thinking too much into it, because, like dad said ,it may take months before i get this car... and i bet everyone is getting sick of listening to me go on about it =D

I feeling slightly depressed... about a couple of things... tomorrow (no explanation needed), the car, and my overall laziness...

*turns music up loud, sings louder, and makes a set to make her happy on polyvore*

Here's the set I made!

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