03 July 2008

You Are Not The Centre Of The Universe!

i need to vent... i'm pissed, and there is nothing i can do about it, because i can't vent here, because i gave the address to people at work... and other people and i don't really want them to know whats going on. there's this person.... a useless person, who thinks they are the centre of the universe. but they're not, they're just selfish and annoying. they can't even handle simple tasks... All i can do is stand back and wait for them to stuff up majorly... and when they do... I'm just gonna stand back and watch.

plus there is job i really want, but i don't think I'll get it because they're a major client of the company I used to work for...

and my tupperware has arrived and I don't have all the money for it yet! GRRRR!

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