06 July 2008

You Eated My Cookie

i'm in "talks" with the parents. I'm hoping to get a car out of it. mum talked to dad, and then dad took mum to look at cars... so the fact she didn't get a full NO is a good sign. and dad has been telling me to do some research. I've been looking at a couple of different small cars (i only want a small car)
ford focus
honda jazz
suzuki swift
lancers (but i can't possibly buy a lancer because some people don't like them... I LOVE THEM)

I always end up looking at the honda jazz. They're very "Kawaii" as matt would put it! HAHA! The only problem i have is, its a hatch, and i would prefer a sedan. Matt told me i should get a WRX and i told him that i didn't want one, because albany people would think I was a try hard loser (no offence to my cousin Jase who has one, but he lives in perth so it's okay... and he actually likes cars) I tried to explain to Matt that I don't want a V8, i want a small simple car that is cheap to run. and is automatic, and has a good sound system (which i can fix later)

After all my searching i always end up with the honda or the ford. I don't know, I shouldn't look to much into it, because the car will be cheaper if I buy it off the lot, instead of having to get them to order it in.

then i have to look at insurance and stamp duty... grrrr! and dealer delivery...

Just went and looked at cars. I like the Ford Focus the best. it looks nice, and it looks roomy. I want to go out and test drive it. The honda jazz look okay too, and we found a volkwagen golf that looks cool too... i don't know... the cars are expensive, i don't want to get too excited yet about getting a new car... i would like a new car, but i have to be realistic... i'm going to have to pay for it. so it might be easier to get a secondhand car.

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