31 August 2008

shopping, sites & sims

i did some more shopping yesterday, i'm afraid to look at my bank account! because i know there is going to be no money in there at all =(

i bought 3 geek tees (starwars, transformers & marvel heros), a denim vest, and a very floral floaty (slightly hippie) top to wear under the vest. (yes i know i'm turning into a hippie (^0^)) as well as the huge amount of clothing on it's way from america! 3 pairs of pants, a belt, and numerous tops & tees, and obviously, my awesome geek hoodie!

in other news... sims 2 apartment life is awesome!!! i love apartment life, and i've finally figure out the cheat to make my own apartments... I haven't tried yet, because i've been too busy playing with the sims! YAY! (^_^)... also we made fairy cakes (just thought i'd mention that)

29 August 2008


guess what???

i'm pretty excited about this...

i ran into a guy i used to go to school with... and he has a heartagram tattoo! =O i know, right! I was so excited... we started talking, we could of talked for hours but i had to work. It's awesome when you have something in common. YAY!

other than that, i've decided it's most definatly time to lose some weight... or lots of weight!! its what is holding me back in life i think! then i can live!

OMG! Supa-Dupa YAY!

lookie at what i just bought!!! OMG yay!!! I'm gonna rock out and be geeky!! guess what else i found! Jonne skinny jeans (black & white stripes) and green skinny jeans... in my size!!! not very many people will realise what a huge exciting thing this is!! I'm going to order Jonne jeans first, then if they fit, i'll order the green ones... and maybe there will be other cool stuff to buy!!!

28 August 2008

grr bank, yay sims

about to throw my stupid, good for nothing computer out the window! all i want to do is log into my internet banking and check my balances but it won't even let me do that! it's taking for ever! and then it show the screen for 2 seconds and then goes blank again!! apparently i have 1220 balance, but only 500 funds available, which does not make any sense because i've only deposited one cheque, and they shouldn't approve half the funds and not the others!! AHHHHH! okay so know all my internet is being sad!

okay well i know why i have 500 and not 1220, because i'm such a good customer, my bank automatically approved 500 and the rest will be there when the cheque is approved, so now that that is sorted!

anyway, being playing the sims 2 apartment life... omg awesome! i turned my sim into a witch, and she has a cat familiar and can do some really cool spells!! other than that, thats pretty much all i did today! I'm feeling slightly like a bum!!! =(

25 August 2008

exciting news and new dvds

exciting news! I can finally tell you!

my aunt is pregnant! YAY! I'm going to have a baby cousin! I'm so excited!

i've also started planning for my trip to london next year! i bought 2 lonely planet guides one for great britain and one for wales! there is a 69 eyes concert in london in march and we're going for that!

since i have nothing else to blog about, i'm going to list the dvds that i bought in the last couple of weeks (this list is kinda for zoe, since she's not here to enjoy the joys of dvds with me! =( )
  • doctor who the infinate quest
  • doctor who series 4 volume 1
  • mr magorium's wonder emporium
  • jackass 2.5
  • a clockwork orange
  • hollowman/flatliners
  • flight of the conchords season 1
  • gone in 60 seconds
  • firewall
  • sweeney todd
  • panic room
  • final fantasy the spirits within
  • 28 days later
  • mystry men
  • the might boosh season 1
  • the might boosh season 2
  • the might boosh season 3
  • galaxy quest

thats alot of dvds... dude i need to seriously stop!

21 August 2008

Lookie At What I Made

Everyone, I want to introduce you to, 2 new members of the Cupcakes and Mustangs family.

"Spartacus formally Gamma Beep Bop" the Robot, and "Richmond" the Emo Voodoo Doll.

I'm so proud of myself for making them...

18 August 2008

Freaking Out Angus & Robertson Employees

i have this thing - it's kinda my thing - i go into the local angus & robertson (book shop) and freak the women at the counter with my choice of item (well i freak everyone except di, but di is awesome!!) today i went in, wandered around and grabbed some stuff off the shelf and then headed to the counter. the women (who doesn't usually work at the front counter) looked at me so weird... here's what i had:
  • Manga called Nana
  • Cleo Magazine (womens mag)
  • Kerrang! (rock music mag)
  • the 2009 tafewa course guide
  • a kimmidoll keyring (ami)
  • serenity comic book
i'm such a geek! the women seriously must of thought i was weird, the look i got was priceless.

I also went to BOQ (my bank) and asked them to get me a new card, because i don't have a clue were mines gone!

OMG some bitch was serious an inch from scratching my car today, i just looked at her and gave her evils as she turned into the car park, missing my car by an inch, if she had... omg i would of gone postal!!! totally postal!

I've been thinking about what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, and at this point in time I feel like I want to go into Interior decoration and design. I used polyvore to quickly make up an interior decoration set, and this is what I did:

it's kinda old worldy (wallpaper) but also oriental and modern at the same time! I quite like it, I wouldn't mind having this as my living room!

17 August 2008

Random Sites

Big Anime Eyes

Tara McPherson

David Conway's Art


i have polyvore block, but it's probably a good thing, considering I spent most of my day on it. my life is actually slightly sad and pathetic... I'm so unmotivated, and I'm feeling slightly depressed at the moment, but I know why... every girl knows why, if you catch my drift!?!
I'm sick of listening to the same songs, i'm sick of my messy room, but can't be fucked cleaning it, i'm pissed that mcdonalds didn't have any icecream, so I went to HJs and now I feel sick. I'm just... BLAH

mum has just got home from picking my little sister from work... early, because apparently she has a sore back or something, and now mum is pissed. and when dad comes up inside and realises my sister is home, he's gonna get angry and blah blah blah etc. etc.


havn't really geeked stanley out yet. except for the heartagram decals on the back windows, I'm not really sure about putting stuff on the dash board (fine it's huge) but it's kinda has lots of tiny indents in it and if bluetrack gets in them (which it already has) it's a bitch to get off again. So on friday it was stanleys 1 week "birthday" and well he needs a bath, I might wash him this afternoon!
Dad and I went out to Nullaki yesterday (which is out near denmark) to visit dad's american friends. they're pretty awesome. they live in this awesome house with and awesome view, and they have peacocks... OMG they're so beautiful I love peacocks. The people are from San Francisco, and they have really american accents which I love. it was so cool listening to them tell stories about when they were at College, and how dirty LA is... haha
anyway time for lunch!
might blog later!

15 August 2008

Stanley Photos x 2

the heartagram (there is another one of the other side)

Stanleys sexy butt (i erased the number plate cos I don't want people stalking me or whatever they do with numberplate numbers!!!)

he's one week old (since I've had him anyway) and he already needs a bath! HAHA! gotta love him!


created a new blog


check it out!

14 August 2008

Polyvore Thief!

zoe i need your help on polyvore!!! someone has copied 2 of my sets!!! you need to be mean to them for me =D

hers - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=3003009
mine - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=2544179

hers - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=3002835
mine - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=2543491

i'm extremely pissed. and upset. I did some research and all this members sets are exact copies of other peoples sets!!! GRRR!! I sent her a nasty private message, and then send messages to all the original designers of the sets! I'm so nasty! =D

it's okay now zoe, she left polyvore! i feel slightly bad, but not really cos it was her fault!

12 August 2008

First Picture Of Stanley + Other News

majorly updated my myspace http://www.myspace.com/onedaycupcakeswillrule
the awesomeness of it, is awesome!

being going crazy on polyvore! I came 3rd in a contest!!! I actually won something! OMG! and i became a moderator for an awesome scene group!

i'm currently watching "The Mighty Boosh" it is the funniest show!!! Vince Noir is my fave character!!!


First pic of Stanley! (isn't he a sexy beast?)

Fully stocked with HIM and ready to go!

more pictures coming soon, including the applying of heartgram sticker!! *whee*

09 August 2008

omg yay!

cupcakes and mustangs welcomes stanley to the family!
pictures soon!

ps, i've even given him his own tag!!!

08 August 2008


the bank just rang and said that the cheque was ready so dad is going to get it! OMG i might actually get stanley today! OMG OMG OMG!!
i answered the phone when the bank women rang and she asked me to take a message and i was so excited i had a mini panic attack! OMG OMG OMG!! i don't think anyone else truly understands how excited i am, i had given up hope of getting him today! but now it looks like it will happen!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

Still No Stanley


Life Is Fucked!

well mum lied!
she said i would most definatly have stanley on friday morning... and well guess what it's not friday morning anymore and I still don't have stanley!!
this is totally and utterly fucked!
i guess i should brace myself for another "tomorrow" because the way it's going, it's not happening today!!

08:08am 08/08/08

when i got up this morning (yes... this morning) i looked at the clock and it said 8.07am... then i throught wow... if i wait a minute it will be 08.08 on 08.08.08... while i was thinking the clock changed!!! so there you go people... i lived thru the 8miniute of the 8th hour of the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year of the new millenium!!! YAY! go me!

07 August 2008

Went Polyvore crazy today... check them out!

One For Kaitlin =D

Plus some more random ones!

And My Favourite Set I Made Today:


at 1pm mum and dad have to go into the bank to sign the loan contact... then, i guess we see what happens after that... i'm sure there will be another speedbump... stupid time wasting time... grrr all i want is stanley... i can't believe it's this hard!

while i'm waiting i'm watching "I Don't Care" by Apocalyptica


it's 1.44pm and dad isn't home yet. I told him that he wasn't allowed to get the car without me... I will be very angry and upset if he does...

listening to "Practise Makes Perfect" by Cute Is What We Aim For featuring Bert McCraken (OMG YAY!)

1.56pm - dad is back... and guess what he said? "Tomorrow"
it's always fucking tomorrow... and tomorrow it's going to be monday, and then on monday it's going to be next week... why the fuck is it so hard to buy a car!! AHHHHH! I don't think I even give a fuck anymore!

06 August 2008

stanley is so close... so very close, but also so far

stanley is so close... so very close, but also so far.
the loan has been approved.
the dealer had started to register him.
but... the insurance company we had decided to go with is apparently too expensive, which means we are going to have to apply with a new insurance company, which means showing proof of idenity and shit like that!
which means, i'll get stanley eventually (5% chance of getting him today, 50% chance of getting him tomorrow, 99% chance I'll get him of Friday & 100% chance I'll have him by the time I turn 22)

Registration done, insurance organised, waiting on bank to ring and get parents to sign loan contact, then cheque will be sent to car dealer... then... i assume... thats that, and stanley is mine!

05 August 2008

My New Obsession - The Dudesons!

so far today, i've found images of Jukka, imported them into polyvore, made a set (see below) and searched livejournal for dudeson slash (wasn't very successful)

i have an awesome idea for slash involving jukka, jarno, a cupboard and a video camera... haha but you'll have to wait til i write it! (which will probably never happen!!)

i set up a photobucket account, which has some of the dudeson images in it (and some others... be warned... one particular image is well... funny... but full on! HAHA)

03 August 2008

Weekly News Update

kaitlin is in bali, they bought me DVDs YAY! i talked to her last night a MSN.
they also "apparently" got a photo with david bowie... but i'm not going to believe them to i see the photo... i'm thinking that "david bowie" is either a random indonesian, a cardboard cut out of david bowie, or a monkey =D

stanley is coming... (i know i say this all the time) i say it to reassure myself that it's actually happening, because as far as I know, it might continue being "just another few days" and I may never get him. I just can't wait!

watched Wanted and You Don;t Mess With The Zohan last night. Wanted was freaking awesome... Zohan, not so much... I also have L (the live action death note spin off) and Hancock to watch... L is in japanese, and Hancock is pretty crappy quality. I can't wait til kt gets back from bali with dvds for me =D

Other than that... well really thats about it!!! I entered a Polyvore contest, and the results are released today... I'm hoping that I win, but I don;t know! HA! anyway

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OMG James McAvoy... OMG

Last night i watched Wanted!

it is the awesomess movie i've seen in a really long time!!!

OMG james Mcavoy is amazing!!! A-MAZE-ING!!!!! (see above)

02 August 2008

My Online Life

This is what I do (in order) when I turn my computer on at the beginning of the day...

  • turn on iTunes and press play on my faves playlist (which plays all day, even if I'm not on my computer)
  • log into MSN, see who else is online and set it the away or appear offline
  • check POLYVORE for any comments or faves
  • check my gmail emails, delete spam & random mail/newsletters
  • log onto my blog and look for new posts on my friends blogs and check for comments
  • log onto facebook
  • by this time I've started to blog (most of them don't get published)
  • check my friends page on LiveJournal and read any posts that look good
  • log onto Myspace (if I can be bothered)
  • Then when all that is done I usually spend most of my time on POLYVORE

how sad is that??? Pretty Sad?? and considering none of my friends are blogging, or leaving comments on my blog... and most of my posts in the last couple weeks have been about Stanley, and I think people are probably seriously getting sick of me going on about it!!

Anyway I'm off to work in 48 minutes =D i'm working from 1pm-8pm...

01 August 2008