17 August 2008


i have polyvore block, but it's probably a good thing, considering I spent most of my day on it. my life is actually slightly sad and pathetic... I'm so unmotivated, and I'm feeling slightly depressed at the moment, but I know why... every girl knows why, if you catch my drift!?!
I'm sick of listening to the same songs, i'm sick of my messy room, but can't be fucked cleaning it, i'm pissed that mcdonalds didn't have any icecream, so I went to HJs and now I feel sick. I'm just... BLAH

mum has just got home from picking my little sister from work... early, because apparently she has a sore back or something, and now mum is pissed. and when dad comes up inside and realises my sister is home, he's gonna get angry and blah blah blah etc. etc.

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