25 August 2008

exciting news and new dvds

exciting news! I can finally tell you!

my aunt is pregnant! YAY! I'm going to have a baby cousin! I'm so excited!

i've also started planning for my trip to london next year! i bought 2 lonely planet guides one for great britain and one for wales! there is a 69 eyes concert in london in march and we're going for that!

since i have nothing else to blog about, i'm going to list the dvds that i bought in the last couple of weeks (this list is kinda for zoe, since she's not here to enjoy the joys of dvds with me! =( )
  • doctor who the infinate quest
  • doctor who series 4 volume 1
  • mr magorium's wonder emporium
  • jackass 2.5
  • a clockwork orange
  • hollowman/flatliners
  • flight of the conchords season 1
  • gone in 60 seconds
  • firewall
  • sweeney todd
  • panic room
  • final fantasy the spirits within
  • 28 days later
  • mystry men
  • the might boosh season 1
  • the might boosh season 2
  • the might boosh season 3
  • galaxy quest

thats alot of dvds... dude i need to seriously stop!

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